Here's James Hollingshead's final workout ahead of the Arnold Classic UK 2022

Here’s James Hollingshead’s final workout ahead of the Arnold Classic UK 2022

James Hollingshead, from London, is in the home stretch of the Arnold Classic UK 2022, scheduled for September 23-25, 2022, in Birmingham, England, this weekend. “The LDN Bodybuilder” recently completed one last rigorous leg workout and provided his rapidly growing YouTube subscriber base with some insightful commentary before hitting the stage.

The 33-year-old is hoping to add the 2022 Arnold Classic UK title to his existing track record, which includes the UKBFF British Junior Championship, UKBFF Heavyweight Championship and Europa Pro Bodybuilding competition honours. Now honing his physique for the IFBB spotlight, Hollingshead leaves no stone unturned. Check out his physical update and final leg workout in the video above.

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In bulk as long as possible

For many bodybuilders, the bulking is stopped several weeks before the competition date to allow time to cut – when the focus is on losing body fat and refining muscle definition. Hollingshead likes to increase his bodyweight for as long as possible to keep adding solid muscle.

“A few days ago I had a refeed day,” he says. “I pushed my weight up to the heaviest I’ve been in a while. I got my weight back to 280 (pounds). It will probably take me three or four days before I can shift the excess weight. weight [and] back down to the baseline. Hollingshead can hold his weight on the wire, knowing he can cut comfortably.

“Any of you who know me and follow me know that I have virtually no problem shedding body fat,” says the IFBB Pro. Hollingshead succeeded in competitions with only six weeks of preparation. “My body is losing fat very quickly, but at the same time it has a real problem with muscle retention.”

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Maintain your muscles

“I’m not supposed to be a big guy,” laughs the mountain man, who thinks his body is more suited to his other sports activities, such as skating, running and swimming. “Strength is not a problem, I have always been strong, but my strength is not really related to size.”

Hollingshead says his detractors, such as those commenting on YouTube, have wondered why he puts so much emphasis on eating rather than bending when approaching a contest. The Londoner claims that his gigantic food intake is necessary to maintain and increase his muscle mass.

“If you step on stage, you might get shredded to the gills, but if you’re not a certain height, you won’t make the top three,” says Hollingshead. “Musculature is the primary and primary goal of bodybuilding. That’s why [they call it] bodybuilding because you have to build muscle. The Olympia is the best show to see that. If you look at the top five, they are the most muscular people in the formation. »

Prioritizing Calories Over “Clean” Foods

“I don’t like to eat,” laughs Hollingshead. “It happens on the evening of the day when I can eat (or re-eat), and I honestly feel like crap, but if I don’t, and just increase calories using my existing foods, clean calories, it doesn’t matter. And, the amount that I have to eat in clean food; the volume of, say, rice, the volume of potatoes, or something like that, it’s so much that it’s really stressful my stomach because those foods just aren’t high in calories, so when the goal is just to get as many calories as possible from foods that don’t necessarily take up the most space, that’s why you need to use foods that are not usually planned.

James Hollingshead’s Leg Workout

Hollingshead likes to start his workouts with the hamstrings because he finds quad exercises can tire him out to the point where he can’t give his hamstrings the attention they deserve if they’re worked last. .

The bodybuilder follows the five-set rule for this workout, performing five sets on his hamstrings, quads, abductors and calves before throwing five sets on his biceps for good measure before the contest. The five sets for each body part are mixed and matched between exercises depending on how it feels.

James Hollingshead’s advice for budding bodybuilders

“I just wish they had amazing experiences and didn’t take it too seriously like I sometimes do,” Hollingshead shares. “…remember you’re with a really elite group of great people, and when you’re around them at these shows, take it, talk, communicate, have fun, laugh, smile; it is a brotherhood. Sometimes on these shows you get so caught up in what’s expected of you and the rankings [that] you forget that you are all people who have worked incredibly hard to get there. Use the experience as a pleasure.

Let’s say Hollingshead takes victory at the Arnold Classic UK 2022. In that case, he says he wouldn’t hesitate to enter future competitions to shoot Mr Olympia, choosing instead to build his confidence on stage and take care. Hollingshead says staying outside of her comfort zone is key to her continued progress, and with a can-do attitude like that, who can get in her way?

Featured image: @hollingshead89 on Instagram

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